Getting there!

I’ve been fiddling around with both my English and Norwegian blogs for a while, and I am getting closer to making them look the way I want. Today I changed the flickr widget in my sidebar so it shows my pictures on flickr instead of random flickr pictures. I still haven’t managed to do that in my Norwegian blog because it’s hosted somewhere else. I know it can be done and will bug my site manager (a good buggable friend) until he tells me how he did it on his blog. A thing I do have in my Norwegian blog is a sidebar widget that allows me to show random books from my library. I can’t do that here as WordPress doesn’t support it yet. This was really the main reason for moving my Norwegian blog to Miromurr. A link saying “Books I’ve read” really isn’t quite the same 🙂

My sister has started blogging too, so I’m linking to her.That’ll bug her into doing some more writing.


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