Looking forward to a relaxing weekend – well…..

It’s Friday afternoon and I’m supposed to look forward to a quiet and relaxing weekend. Sunday is probably going to be fairly quiet, but tonight and tomorrow promises to be a bit more active. This afternoon we’ll do some shopping and starting preparations on a dinner for 16. Tomorrow morning will be spend doing more shopping and preparing more food. Then, sometime in the afternoon both I and Stig (guest and party planner) will wizz off to different birthdayparties for a few hours. We’ll meet again around 6, get into some other clothes and haul ourselves and all the food to our friends in Sandviken that are hosting the party. And then we’ll have a party! I haven’t seen many of these people for a while so I’m really looking forward to it.

Well, this weekend will be a good practice for the nonstop weekend action going on in my life during the golf season 🙂

Oh, my car is no longer aspiring to be a street races. Blissfull silence…


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