Season premiere, the travel bug and fooling around with my blog

This weekend the golf season started with summer greens at Bjørnefjorden golf club. My extended family was naturally present and Kristin got to try golf for the first time. It was great being out on the course again, and when you take into account that it was our first round on grass this season, the play went very well. Yesterday it was back to indoor training again. Sølvi and I were good girls and did 40 minutes of pace and 40 minutes of squash.

I’ve been fooling around with my Norwegian blog today. I wanted a 3 column blog so both the flickr-photos and the books from my library would show on top. It took me some time and a few things took longer than expected, but it’s starting to look OK. I really detest that I can’t have a librarythingwidget on this wordpress hosted blog, but at least it saves me from using time on doing the same thing here 🙂

I found something fun on some guys flickr-account. World66 (some reference to Route 66 here?) let you do different stuff like making you own map over countries you’ve visited. Fun! Here’s mine. (I want to travel more, and Portugal will be on my map before summer is over)


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