P4-Tour at Meland

This weekend I’ve done my first job as a golf referee. It was exciting to be on my own after 2 years as a trainee, even if the tournament director, head referee and the other referees were just a radio call away. I’m fairly satisfied with the job I did too. Some of the players who asked me questions are probably not pleased with me, but that’s the nature of the job 🙂 It was fun wathcing all these good golfers, a real inspiration to do some more practicing. I want to hit the ball as far and strait as they do.

We also had good weather all three days even if the wind was really cold. Friday was the coldest and I was wondering why the National Golf Society doesn’t include thermal underwear when we get our official clothes.

Right now I’m just looking forward to playing golf on Wednesday, regardless of the weather.

Kristin is ready to start taking golf lessons and the “green card” course (Rules, regulations and proper behaviour on a golf course). Hopefully she’ll have her “green card” and be ready to play on Norwegian golf courses long before summer is over. I feel like a missionary who’s having a good day 🙂


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