As soon as our vacations started 7 ladies jumped on a plane to Portugal. (I took a bunch of pictures, and most of the fairly good ones you can see by clicking into my flickr account on the right hand side of this site.) We started by spending 3 days in Lisbon. We did some sightseeing and enjoyed good food, wine and beer. (Well, 5 of us enjoyed the beer, I prefer wine). Lisbon is a really great looking city with old buildings and memorials all over the place. It’s really noticeable that this is the capital of a country with a long history. It’s not excactly a flat city either, we constantly found ourselves walking up and down hills.

View over the river Tejo and the city of Lisbon from Castello de Sao Jorge.

Utsikt mot Tejo og Lisboa frå Castello de Sao Jorge

Stairs in Lisbon.

Trapper i Lisboa

Dinner at a fado restaurant is a must. She was very good, and so were the other singers too.


After a few days in Lisbon we checked our cars out from the car rental and headed for Braga north of Porto.

Portugese drivers are absolutely mad, but with tough drivers and concentrated navigators we found every place we were looking for.

The hotel in Braga served a wonderful dinner, but we’re not quite sure why the fire alarm didn’t go off, it was smokey.

Røykfylt middag i Braga

Braga is a nice town with a charming mideval centre. We also visited one of Portugals big attractions, Santuario do Bom Jesus do Monte.
Lots of stairs. We were all soaking wet, but got all the way up.

Santuraio do Bom Jesus do Monte

After Braga we went to Praia de Mira and had some nice days by the sea.

Ingebjørg i farta

Kristin and I also managed to play a little golf and seeing the ruins of the roman city of Conimbriga.

Flotte fliser og meir i Conimbriga.

Porto was beautiful.
(We realised this after getting trough the mix of nightmare and circus called “finding a place to park”).

Steep hills, narrow streets, beautiful area by the river, beautiful buildings and port wine 🙂



Porto and the river Douro.

Porto og Douro

Vila Nova de Gaia, straight across the river from Porto, is the port capital of the world.

Vila Nova de Gaia - verdas portvinshovudstad

Naturally we had to taste (and buy) som Port.


From Porto we drove down the coast to the town of Ericeira, not far from Lisbon. Very cozy hotel in a charming little town with less charming buildings beeing build all around it. The water was quite a lot colder than farther north, but apart from that life on the beach was just fine.


Hotel Vilazul
Hotel Vilazul

Hotel Vilazul served us great food, and the waiters were charming, not at all like the guy on the picture.


After two nights in Ericeira we returned to Lisbon. To our amazement and joy we managed to return both cars without a scratch. “Cosmic driving and navigating”.

After a nice trip to the part of Lisbon called Belém it was time to get back to the hotel. Kristin and I got there a little late as two girls managed to snatch my camera out of my backpack at Rossio. I noticed something happening, but it was already to late. So, instead of getting to the hotel early we ended up at the police station to report the theft. We were not the only ones there on the same errand. I don’t much mind the camera, but it was annoying loosing my pictures from the last days. Luckily there was a bunch of other photographers in our group.

The Radisson SAS was good, but the airplanes came really close on approach 🙂


Apart from loosing my camera it was a great trip. THANK YOU SO MUCH to Kristin, Ingebjørg, Elisabeth, Linda, Sigrid and Gjertrud for being great travelling companions.


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