Back in Norway, and a bit about starting work.

We still had some vacation left when we got back from Portugal.

Sølvi, Gørild, Kristin and I spent a few fun hours at the pitch-og-put-course at Sotra.

Gørild and Kristin out playing.
Gørild og Kristin i full sving.

And having a bit of fun after finishing the round.
Gørild og Kristin

I was going to be a referee at the national championship for juniors in Stavanger, and driving down there we had time for some sightseeing.

We visited Nordvegen historical center.
Avaldsnes is the oldest royal residence in Norway. Harald Finehair/Fairhair and many other kings from the Norse sagas made their home here.

The entrance to the center, the center itself is mainly under ground.
Nordvegen historiesenter

Avaldsnes curch shows in this open landscape.
Avaldsnes kyrkje

Skudeneshavn is a charming small town.

The Lady in The Park.
Damå i parken

Søragadå (The South street)

There are lots of fine details in Søragadå, I really liked this door.
Fin dør i Søragadå

And a “must” for the curious among us….
Ein må få med seg kva som skjer i gadå

In Klepp Stasjon we visited our friend Karin for a few days.
Kristin, Karin og Mona

Time for Golf – I adore his hat. And the clock is running.
Time for golf

Stavanger Golfklubb was not lucky with the weather this weekend – another rainshower is approaching up fairway 14.
Ny bye på veg

The next weekend Sølvi and I played a tournament at Voss – and it was pouring. At least we had a great place to live in our cousin Monicas’ cabin in Bavallen. The view was great.
Utsikt mot golfbana.

Kristin, Gørild and Magnar decided that Monopoly was a good indoor activity on a rainy day.

One evening last week the weather was good enough to drink coffee in Janneke and Eviann’s garden. Pontus had to join us.
Janneke og Pontur

We also took a trip to Trøndelag. It was nice to play a dry course again in Stjørdal. We also visited some friends at Stod and caught a train there. I liked the conductors hat.

Helga and Per at Stod vicarage
Helga og Per

It’s been hectic starting a new job. The school starts tomorrow and I have a strong feeling that the last few weeks has just been the quiet before the storm. But it certainly hasn’t been dry.

Rain, rain, rain….
Regn, regn, regn


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