Christmas shopping.

I hate Christmas shopping. Not because I particularly hate the shopping bit or the fact that all the store are full of people. The bit I really hate are the crowded parking lots and the traffic in general. So this morning I got up and arrived at “Gullgruven” when it opened. Parking at “Gullgruven” was OK, but when I arrived “Åsane Senter” 15 minutes later the parking lot was already almost full. One of the reasons it gets so bad is that Norwegian parkings spaces are so narrow, so you’re always in danger of knocking into other cars. I know that having 5 cm more space for every car would lead to fewer spaces, but I’d still prefere some extra room. And I don’t have a particularly big car, how those people cope I don’t know.

If I had any sense at all I would have done my Christmas shopping weeks ago, but as usual I managed to wait longer than I should. Fortunately I’m almost done and don’t see any reason to visit the worst shopping centers again this side of Christmas.

After all this whining I have to admit that I don’t have much to complain about. Because of a sensible sharing of the shopping burdens with my siblings I don’t have that many gifts to buy, so I can get done fairly quickly. Lots of people have to do a lot more of this than I do. Well, I hope some of them are actually enjoying finding parking.


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