The golf season has started

The golf season has finally started.
Towards the end of last summer something started going seriously wrong with my golf swing. Most of the time the balls went straight up and to the right, and that doesn’t get you far on a golf course. On Monday Sølvi and I had our first golf lesson in a while, and even that one lesson did something to remedy the problem. At last night womens night it started feeling like (and look like) I was playing golf again. GREAT! So from now on I’ll listen to Sverre and do everything he says 🙂
K. says it’s nice to have me come smiling home from a golf night instead of being frustrated like I’ve been every time I’ve touched my golf clubs the last 8-9 months. From Monday on she’ll also take part at the golf lessons, and I hope that’ll lead to her securing her players license soon.


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