Tournament direction and 43 things

I’m sitting in the Club House waiting for other people to come and turn in their score cars. I’d rather be playing golf myself in this beautiful weather, but my efforts on the driving range earlier today didn’t bode well. Sigh, and I tought I was on the right track. I guess I’ll have to practice more tomorrow.

In addition to practicng my own swing while being tournament direction I also have time to do other things. So today I’ve been editing some vacation pictures, read some online news and cartoons, edited some tournament information about Pink Cup, entered Sølvi on Ladies Tour at BJGK, blogged a bit, checked if there was anything new to read on the Golf Referee Forum, had ambitions about looking into “23 ting”, but got distracted by the reference to 43 things and put in some goals there. I’d check it out more some other day.

Well, it’s time for registering score cards, but they come in 4 at a time, which gives me time to blog in between. Afterwards I’ll anounce the result, fill out and email the report to The Norwegian Golf Society. And then I’m going to K. for a barbeque 🙂


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