Reading “The God Delusion”

I just read “The God Delusion” by Richard Dawkins. Kristin has constantly been interrupted by me reading her paragraphs and that is always a good sign for a book.

It’s a long time since I stopped believing in any gods. The things I learned in school (Norway has a state church and teach religion in schools) and everything I saw and heard of religion otherwise convinced me that superstition is superstition no matter which disguise it comes in. I have however never been very eloquent about why I don’t believe in any gods and I have never properly organized my thoughts on this. Reading “The God Delusion” was a systematic, sharp and humorous way of getting these things sorted. Dawkins might not convert many believers with this book, but if you’re already in possession of a healthy skepticism to all religions this book will be good at helping you organize and develop the thoughts that you already have.

I read a library copy of the book and this was a bit unpractical since I constantly wanted to comment and put in explanation marks in the margin. Yesterday I ended up buying my own copy, so now I can comment all I want.

The Norwegian translation is mostly good. But there were a couple of places where long sentences ended up with double negatives that made them hard to understand. I had to translate them back into English to make sense of them. (This was of course the places where I wanted to put question marks in the margin).


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