Herdla golf, flag and May 17th.

Herdla Golfklubb opened their new 9 hole golf course last weekend. Today Kristin and I decided to head out for a day on beautiful Herdla.

The course starts of with a par 5 hole and then continues with a bunch of par 3’s with two par 4’s  breaking the row a few places. With such a short course it’s no wonder that you need to score pretty low to lower you handicap, all the holes are within reach for most people. The fairways were pretty good, but will get better in time. The greens had grooves and lots of sand on them. Some of them were hard to put on, the ball had a tendency to do unexpected things, but I’m sure the greens will grow very good with some more time. The course now also have grass tees, and this is a huge improvement. The rough isn’t too bad, you can usually find the ball and get it out of trouble. They’ve also added several bunkers compared to the old 6 hole course, so that’s good.

All-in-all it’s a nice enough course to play. It’s pretty simple for the low handicappers, but there’s always trouble to find for those of us with a lesser control of direction and length. Herdla is also a beautiful place. This was Kristin’s first 18 hole round ever, and I think Herdla GK was a good place for it.

Tomorrow is May 17, the Norwegian Constitution Day. This year we’ve finally gotten around to buying a flag. We typically talk about it in March sometime and then forget until the morning of May 17th. But this year the flag is in place and the only thing we have to remember is putting it up. As soon as that is done Kristin is talking of towards Bergen proper to see the parade while the slightly crowd-phobic member of the household will be heading off to a nearby golf course (with a red, white and blue ribbon on my golf bag). We’ll meet again for a family lunch later in the day.


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