Angels, demons and me

The title of this post would probably make a good song- or book title. Eh, enough about that.

Yesterday Kristin and I spend a few hours watching “Angels & Demons“. After reading the book (several years ago) and the movie reviews I wasn’t very optimistic. So I bought a lot of popcorn to comfort me if things got too bad.

It wasn’t dramatically bad, just a little dull and very, very predictable. What a waste of a lot of good actors.

It’s never a good sign when I don’t care for the people in a movie. I would have been just as happy if the’d blown up the whole Vatican with Robert Langdon, Vittoria Vetra, the stupid journalists at St. Peter Square, the priests and the full chorus of cardinals that kept milling around. In that sense this movie has a lot in common with the movie “Independence Day“. I ended up cheering for the really, really evil aliens just because the humans were so incredibly annoying.


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  1. hahahahahahaha…. the symbol u use for this post thumbnail remind me about the illuminati symbol appeared on this movie… anyway if all the vatican blown as u expected maybe will be more like “knowing”…

    but being opposite with you, i just enjoy this movie. maybe it because i never read the book or what ever related to dan brown so i have no high expectation before,,,,,,

    anyway… nice article and hello from me

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