Crazy for Golf!

If anyone in the early 90’s had told my mother that her oldest daughter voluntarily would get up before 0800 on a weekend to engage in any sort of physical activity, she would have thought them mad. As this is the 15th season of both her daughters crazy affair with golf, she’s becoming resigned to it.

This weekend is rather typical for the summer.
Yesterday I left home at 0740 heading for Meland Golfklubb and Rica Meland Ladies Tour 2009. This is the only Ladies Tour I’ll be able to participate in this summer, and I love that it was at Meland. The course is looking great and the greens are very fast, they’re obviously doing a great job preparing for the national championship in August.  I played almost to handicap and finished with 33 stableford points and a 7th. place in my class. I disliked striking out on 3 holes, but it was a result of hitting bad shots and making some poor choices, so I guess I deserve it.  As mentioned the greens were very fast and caused problems for a lot of players. I heard about 3-, 4- and 5-putts, but personally got away with only a couple of 3-putts. It’s usually not the putting that causes grief on my golf rounds and this was also the case at  Meland. Teeing off on a hole is often a sore spot (I guess it tells you something when I left my driver in the car while playing long Meland), the fairway shots also vary a lot, the chipping is usually usable, the bunker shots usually get out of the bunker and 3-putts are luckily not that common.

We had an early start today too, this time to play 18 holes at out home club Bjørnefjorden Golfklubb (sorry, Norwegian only). I didn’t play nearly as well as yesterday, but scrambled around to 25 points. It wasn’t the putting that caused the problems today either, but as usual the drives and fairway shots. Kristin got 9 points and was rather pleased with that, she finds Bjørnefjorden difficult.  I guess she’s right, there’s several holes that require decent tee shots for the ball to be in play, and usable tee shots are ofen rare for beginners. Our two brand new holes both have tee shots over water hazards, and this is a mental block for a lot of people. Sølvi did well, played in the buffer zone and got to keep her handicap. (On the picture you can see one of our better players trying to find a way out of trouble on BJGK)

Tomorrow it’s back to work, but in this good weather it’s tempting to take off a little early and play 18 holes at Herdla or Sotra. We’ll see.

And we’re watching the 2009 US Open on TV.


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