Obama being awarded The Nobel Peace Prize

I’ve been ambivalent about President Barack Obama being awarded The Nobel Peace Prize 2009. The main argument against has of course been that he is the leader of a country currently actively involved in two wars, and that he so far hasn’t managed to stop either of them. He has also been president for a very short time.

I’ve still come to the decision that The Nobel Committee has made a correct and bold decision. The prize should not primarily be awarded as a thanks for a job well done, but as an acknowledgement, encouragement, a stamp of approval and a general “get on with it” during a process with goals that the committee approves of.

President Obama, as expected, gave a very good speach at the award ceremony in Oslo.
Rolfn wordled Obamas’ Nobel speach and the full text of the speach can be found here:

Wordle: Barack Obama Nobel speach

There hasn’t been as much talk about the speach of Thorbjørn Jagland, the leader of The Nobel Committee, but I thought it was really good. So I wordled it and the full text can be found here:

Wordle: Jagland about Obama being awardet The Nobel Peace Prize


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