Melting snow, waiting for spring and a bit about chocolate

Nygredd og gretten

Groomed and grumpy

Everyone who knows me know that I complain about the snow if it comes before December 23th. and if it stays around after January 2nd. This means that I’ve been complaining a lot this winter. And today it snowed again.

I didn’t see it snowing because I had today off work and slept late. What I got was the treat of watching snow melting outside the window. I also got to watch the cars trying to drive up the road made very slippery by the combination of a fresh snowfall and above freezing temperature.

With all this snow melting outside I got a strong feeling of spring while I potted about doing all kinds of household chores that had been postponed for a while. The plastic and paper piling up in the kitchen has been put in the proper containers outside the house, the soda bottles are in plastic bags by the door so we’ll remember to take them with us to turn in at the store tomorrow, the kitchen counters have been wiped off, the cat has been groomed and the floor has been vacumed. I’ve even done some laundry.

On another note, I really like the commercial for Stratos (Norwegian chocolate) and its really cool cow. Too bad that I don’t like the chocolate as much as I like the commercial. The Melkesjokolade-cows (another Norwegian chocolate) are not as cool, but quite cute. What is it with this country that makes us use cows when we advertise for chocolate?


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