I really dislike DRM

I haven’t bought myself an e-book-reader yeat. I’ve thought about it, and I want one, but then it’s those pesky DRM issues.  Very simply said; e-books bought from Amazon can only be read on Kindle, e-books bought from Barnes & Noble can only be read on Nook and you can’t easily borrow books to or from other people. I’m a librarian and find the last thing most annoying of all. Why can’t they decide on a common standard and let us decide which books we want to read on which e-book-reader?

Several libraries have started offering e-books to patrons, so there is hope. Maybe it’ll get better when some of the dinosaurs occupying managerial offices in big publishing houses decides to retire….

But, I do want an e-book-reader. I’d like to go on vacation with one book instead of the pile we usually bring and it would also be nice to reduce the heaps of books lying around the house. I guess I’ll buy one in the end, but not this week, first of all I have a bunch of unread paper books waiting for me.

Ragni has bought herself a Nook, but she’s also ranting about DRM.


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