Melted plastic and a big, dark monster

Today we went to a birthday party for one of our nieces. As usual in our family this birthday party was a fairly chaotic affair with lots of different conversations going on all over the place and 8 kids running around.

In this chaos someone managed to place a small stack of plastic dishes on the stove, and later on someone else managed to put on three of the electric plates on the stove. The situation was salvaged with lots of melted plastic and interesting smelling smoke filtering through the kitchen and living room. No flames.

Later on one of the three main suspects for turning on the stove was asked if she’d seen who did it. She had – it was a big, dark monster. The case is solved, the plastic all removed from the stove, and the plastic dishes (sold to be used once) have left us after serving us well through several birthday parties the last 3 year.


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