Being out, getting vandalized.

I’m an atheist. It’s no secret.

This does not mean I feel I have the right to vandalize posters, display cases or anything else made by a religious organization, even though I think superstition in any form is a waste of time. I think most atheists feels the same way, you don’t destroy things that display or claim things you think are silly or offensive, you either ignore them or argue against them. The most “offensive” case I’ve read about is atheists putting up a sign at a nativity scene on a government building in the supposedly secular USA.

When it comes to posters or displays with an atheist message a lot of religious people don’t seem able to offer the same respect, at least not at Purdue University , in Detroit, in Sacramento,  in Glendale, …

The atheis bus campaign has been running in several different countries. Some places they’ve had to do legal battle to be accepted on buses along the same lines as other organizations and in Germany they couldn’t find any bus companies willing to run their ads at all.  The encouraging bit is of course that lots of places the ads were accepted without difficulty and did not get vandalized, I hope even more places like that will turn up.  There are also other ads being run in different places, with posters on other things than buses.

In Norway we haven’t had a campaign like this. My initial feeling is that it would be no problem getting a place for them on a bus, but I wouldn’t be surprised at all if someone vandalized them.

And to all the other atheists out there:


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