Happygolf with bipolar tendencies

Yesterday we took Magnar and Gørild with us to Sotra golfklubb. They were going to play their first ever 18 hole round on a proper golf course, and we were going to play our first 18 hole round for the season. As M&G has golf cards that are so new that the plastic is still warm they were going to play happygolf. (have-fun-and-forget-about-all-the-pesky-rules-about-dropping-and-nearest-point-of-relief-golf…), while Kristin and I were supposed to follow the rules.

This meant that the 18 holes on Sotra contained all sorts of golf:

  • Happygolf – as described above
  • Depressed golf – several bad shots after each other
  • Bipolar golf – good and bad shots mixed together (you never know what’ll happen next)
  • Sense of direction challenged golf – to the right or left
  • Good golf – it happens
  • Commuter golf – from one side to the other across the putting green
  • Frustrated golf – balls rolling on the edge of the hole are typical examples

Despite all the different forms of golf we had a good time. M&G played happygolf but also managed to score some points at holes played by the rules. Kristin did a lot better than at the same time last year (she just has to get rid of the worst commuter golf tendencies), and I feel that this season is starting off better than last season.


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