Here in Norway these questions has been circulating on several book blogs lately. I like reading about what other book obsessed people write about themselves as readers, and I have to write some things about myself too. I also like lists, I just do….

As a reader I am: It varies. Devouring, struggling, consentrated, unfocused, giggling, critical, provoked, happy, enthusiastic, reading several books at the same time, reading favorite parts aloud to my partner, dutiful (when I read books that I only read because of my job as a high school librarian). Tell me a good story and I’m usually satisfied.

As a blogger I am: Lacking a sense of direction. I blog about several different things, but I guess book get their fair share. I also blog about books and information resources at work, so books really get their fair share. I also plan lots of blog posts in my head that never get as far as the keyboard.

Last book read: Dystopia 1 by Terje Torkildsen. YA book about a bunch of Norwegian high school students left in a devastated London after a tsunami has hit. (could have been a lot better than it was…) Updated list of read books can always be found at LibraryThing.

Last book(s) bought: Blackout by Connie Willis (oh, my!)

Favorite crime author: These days I guess it’s swedish author Johan Theorin. If you can call Tom Egeland a crime author then he is definitely a favourite. I also like Minette Walters. Actually, I don’t read that many crime novels.

I read everything by: Connie Willis, Neil Gaiman, Terry Pratchett, Lois McMaster Bujold, Ursula Le Guin, and some other. Can authors with only one book be on this list? Then I’d like to include Nick Harkaway

I’d rather not read (genre/author): sosial realism, romance, autobiographic stories, (there are always exceptions if the story is good enough)

In the non fiction shelves I look for: History of science, books about literature and reading, books about skepticism, information science, sosial media, cultural history, feminism, gay/lesbian, cooking, geography, geology.

In addition to English I read: Norwegian, Danish and Swedish.

At the top of my to-read-stack is: That stack is fairly high and in a constant state of flux. What book to read next depends on mood, time and wether something new has come along and pushed everything else out of the way. For example is All Clear going to push everything else behind it when it turns up some time during the autumn. An imminent library return date will also influence on the order of reading. At work I also have some unread books that I’d like to read, among them several novels by Kurt Vonnegut that I plan to read this summer. So that means that they are in the stack despite not being physically present at home.

On my wish list: All Clear by Connie Willis and Cryoburn by Lois McMaster Bujold (both are pre-ordered). I also buy lots of the books I want to read as part of my job. Books that doesn’t fit in a high school library but has a natural place in a public library I request at Bergen Public Library, if they don’t have the book they usually buy it (libraries are great institutions, don’t you agree). My last important place to get books are the library at the Norwgian Naval Academy mixed with the naval academy librarians (SKSK-bibliotekaren) private collection.Kristin and I also try to buy fewer books as our book shelves are too full as it is.

At used book stores I look for: I rarely visit used book stores. If I do I don’t look for anything in particular, but look around and see if there’s anything I want. And I always check the Science fiction and fantasy collection. I guess I’m more into new literature than old literature.


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