Fotball, music and ignorance

Kristin and I always go through the quiz in the Saturday edition of Bergens Tidende, and usually we do ok. But today we got in trouble. We usually have lots of trouble on the music questions, but this week they introduced a new category where we could do even worse…The FIFA World Cup.  As if this wasn’t bad enough, some of the questions even combined football and music, a rather challenging combination for us.

For a few years I shared a flat with a friend of mine who has a keen interest in football (note for Americans: soccer). After a few years of listening to football games while being curled up in the corner of the sofa with a good book, I knew quite a lot about the local club from Bergen, Brann. Even though looking up from the book every 15 minutes to ask “when did the other team score?” apparently was a bit annoying. Anyway, I knew who played on Brann, who the manager was and what place they had in the series. Some weeks I even knew what team they were playing against, and I knew the lyrics to several Brann songs. I also knew a little about the national team. When it came to other teams than Brann and other national teams I never knew much, but a minimum of knowledge sank in. In return the Brann supporter learned a lot more about golf than he really intended.

When it came to music this shared household wasn’t much use. The football supporter is a lot more interested in popular music than me, but I just can’t remember who played in some 70-ties band that I’d hardly heard of, and I’ve no idea what an indie band is. I know that I can look it up, but I just can’t be bothered with it. In my defense I have to say that I was the first one in the household to discover Kaizers Orchestra. I heard Kontroll på kontinentet on the car stereo (the car stereo that got stolen in 2002 and never replaced during the next 5,5 years that I owned the car) and thought it was really cool. When the Brann supporter moved to Oslo and I moved half a mile down the road my knowledge of Brann quickly got outdated and my lack of interest in football asserted itself again.

Anyway, despite my knowledge of Kaizers Orchestra and morsels of knowledge about football it was ignorancee that ruled the day during out Bergens Tidende quiz. Even the flags they asked about were from host nations for the FIFA World Cup, and we knew some of them more despite the world cup than because of it. When the tournament is over we might know who won, maybe…

I still think “Kontroll på kontinentet” is cool.


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