Foggy vision

Apparently there are people who jump out of bed in the morning and saunter into the bathroom. In there they sing in the shower and hum while putting on the deodorant and moisturizer. Those people don’t live in our house.

I drag myself out of bed and into the bathroom. In there I shower with my eyes half open and more days than not I end up wondering if I’ve had shampoo in my hair yet.

When I’ve finished in the bathroom I wake up my partner, who is possibly even less of a morning person than I am. Usually she grunts a “morning” (“good” isn’t in our vocabulary before after breakfast) and slouches towards the bathroom. She never laughs as she leaves the bedroom…..Never! But today she did.

As mentioned I’m a little tired in the morning and move in slow motion going through the daily routine. This includes putting on my contact lenses. So you can just imagine how confused I got this morning when I’d put on my contact lenses and found my vision impaired in a new and interesting way. I certainly didn’t see clearly, but not foggy in the way I’m used to when not wearing lenses or glasses. Also, edges were quite clear, but double, sort of. For a few minutes I blinked like crazy and rubbed my eyes. I even took out one of the lenses and rinsed it off before putting it back on, hoping that it would improve the situation. But, no. Then I finally noticed the four empty contact lense cases on the sink and realized that maybe I had on a few lenses too many.

Kristin had reason to laugh.

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