Vacations – planning ahead

We are planning our vacation. Not for 2010, but for 2011. We should be in time.

But, probably not much earlier than we need to be.

We are planning a canal boat trip in England next summer, and now we are trying to decide when to go and what part of The British Waterways to visit. We guess it’s prudent to plan a bit ahead when we need a boat with 12 berths (for 11 people and 3-6 golf bags).

Kristin and I are leaning towards The Four Counties Ring. We still have to pitch this idea to the rest of the travellers, in particular the train buff who wanted to be somewhere close to York and museum railways. Unfortunately the waterways in Yorkshire seems to be in more industrialized and urbanized areas than we want, so we prefer something greener. There might be a museum railway close to The Four Counties Ring too. A few of us thinks it’s more important to visit a few golf courses on the way.

I’m sitting here looking at other peoples (among them “ebygomms’“) canal boat photos on Flickr and I’m really looking forward to going.

I’m looking forward to this years vacation too. In a little under a month our favorite Americans arrive and we’ll start our tour around Southern Norway. More than anything else I’m looking forward to the trip on the coastal steamer from Bergen to Trondheim. This will be my first trip with Hurtigruta and travelling on it is something I’ve always wanted to do.


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