Bad fur day

Åstad for skamklypping

The scene of the deed.

Shevek has a lot of fur, a lot more than any cat should need. During the summer he spends more time outside than during the rest of the year and consequently pick up more dirt in his fur. So, we usually give him a  fur cut on his tummy and chest.

I know that there are people who take their cats to professional groomers for things like this. Shevek doesn’t live with those people. He is unfortunate enough to live with people who take a pair of scissors and cut the fur off without ever considering his vanity. The end result is a cat who looks normal from the back, stranger than usual from the front and taller than usual from the side.

After the fighting and cutting is done he usually retreats into a corner to nurse his wounded feelings, but an hour later I’m usually forgiven.


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