Mostraum weekend

I failed in blogging every day this month, but we still had a very nice summer weekend in Mostraum. The annual barbeque took place with around 70 people and everyone had a good time. Long and light Norwegian summer nights are a treat.

Shevek is enjoying the fresh air.

The Mostraum farm house. I love the smell of the lilac syringa.

My mother is hard at work before the barbeque.

White syringa in the garden and the fjord in the background.

The traditional summer barbeque has started.

Torstein is grillmaster.


Kristin and Anne Kristin doesn't think the cold breeze is a good reason for staying inside.

One of the few days with enough wind in Mostraum to fly a kite. Sølvi's helping with the take off and Aro is watching.

We have lift off. Torstein is doing a good job.

Friendly competition between the Mostraum and Nottveit farms. Things aren't looking to good for the Mostraum side, but they won because they stayed on their feet.

It's always nice to get a ride.


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  1. I just linked over from the Women thread on Pharyngula and had to say that this is one of the prettiest landscapes I have seen! Is that what Norway looks like!? Wow 😀

  2. Parts of it at least 🙂

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