Withdrawal symptoms

There are two reasons for my withdrawal symptoms tonight.

I’ve just finished listening to Stephen Fry reading all seven Harry Potter books. It takes a lot of hours to read them all aloud, so I’ve been listening to them in the car since early fall of 2009. But, now it’s over and I had to listen to the radio instead. Too much football (soccer), ads and devotionals for my taste. I have to get a new audio book soon. I’ve always planned to read “The Naked Madonna” by Jan Wiese, so I guess I’ll go for that one. It’s originally written in Norwegian, so I’ll go for the Norwegian version; “Kvinnen som kledte seg naken for sin elskede”

It’s also Wednesday night, and I should be at the golf course. But I’m not. Aaarrrgggh!

Looking at the pictures from last week is a little comfort. We celebrated midsummer, but not by burning bonfires.

Midsummer golf - golf witches don't ride on brooms

The rest of the midsummer golf pictures can be found on Flickr!


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