Me and saying Thank You

I thanked my girlfriend earlier today for being the best person I could have around. I do that a lot 🙂

I’m rather good at thanking people I think, at least for being a Norwegian.

When I was 18 my American host mother told me that I didn’t say thank you enough and that it seemed rude. I think the lack of thank you’s was more me being a born and bred Norwegian teenager than being intentionally rude. Americans are better than us at saying thanks all the time, and it does smooth things along nicely. On the other hand I hear lots of Norwegians perceiving that as being falsely nice, so that’s cultural differences for you…

Anyway, I took my mum’s advice to heart and started saying thank you a lot more.

I guess I’ve ended up being somewhere in between a polite Norwegian and a not too rude American.


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