Dumped by Bloglines

I’ve been dumped by Bloglines!

I probably shouldn’t take this very personally as the whole world has been dumped by Bloglines as of October 1st., but I’m still upset. For quite som time I’ve used Bloglines to organize the way to many feeds I’m following, and I’ve really like the set up. The database has made trouble a few times, but my liking of the set up has made my desertion to Google Reader or Alesti very unlikely. I’d tried them both and not liked them much.

But now it’s over. I exported all my feeds onto an OPML-file and imported them to Google Reader (GR won over Alesti on more flexible settings). After that I’ve mumbled dirty words while trying to make GR behave as much as possible like I want it to, and by now I think I’ve got it as close to my liking as I can get it. Not perfect, but something I can live with. And, it’s nice to have found one setting in GR that I like better than Bloglines even if there is a few others from Bloglines that I really miss.

What I like better about  GR: The setting that makes only newly updated feeds show up in the left hand menyu.

What I liked less about GR:

1 – The default setting that means that you can see all the items from a feed on the right hand side. The default setting was the first to go.
2 – that you have to scroll past an item, click on it or click the “Mark all as read”-button for the items to be marked as read. In Bloglines they were automatically marked as read when you clicked the feed in the left hand menu and the you clicked “Keep new” on the item if you wanted to keep it.
3 – In the left hand menu you cannot see the how many items are truly new and how many old ones you’ve kept as unread. In Bloglines these came up separately [f.ex. (2) (3)] after the name of the feed and you only needed a glance to see what was what.

Well, Bloglines will soon be gone. The only thing I can hope for is better setting in GR so I can tailor it even closer to my wishes. If someone now of a way to make complaint 2 and 3 go away right now I’d be very grateful for the advice.

I also dislike being even more inside the Google universe, I liked having things on servers they don’t control. Sigh!


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