I shall wear midnight – a Monday morsel

Todays morsel comes from  I shall wear midnight by Terry Pratchett.

Tiffany vanished. She did it without thinking-or, rather, thinking so fast that her thoughts had no time to wave to her as they flashed by. Only when the man, who was apparently Derek, was staring openmouthed at nothing at all did she realize that she had faded into the foreground so quickly because disobeying that voice would definitely be an unwise thing to do. A withch was standing behind her: most definitely a witch, and a skilled one too.

Terry Pratchett is one of my favorite authors and I’m happy about all the books that I and thousands of other fans around the world have enjoyed. Because of his illness there probably wont be to many more, but I’m sure that I’ll enjoy them if he can write them, along with all the old ones.

The cover illustration is from a printed copy of the book, mine is a Kindle-edition.


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