Monday Morsel – Downbelow Station

In 1982 Carolyn Janice Cherry, better known as C.J. Cherryh, won the Hugo Award for best novel with Downbelow Station. It has taken me almost 30 years, but I’m finally getting around to reading this science fiction space opera classic.

And now…..the morsel:

“They could not afford debate, could not raise deadly issues in a privacy they probably did not have. Sign it and carry it home. What he had in his head was the important matter. They had learned the Beyond; it was about them in the person of soldiers with a single face and virtually a single mind; in the defiance of Norway’s captain, the arrogance of the Konstantins, the merchanters who ignored a war that had been going on all about them for generations . . . attitudes Earth had never understood, that different powers rule out here, different logic.

Generations which had shaken the dust of Earth from off their feet.” (p.163)


Dumping on a paragraph that mentioned a ship named Norway was blind luck. I opened the book at a random page, read a random paragraph, and there it was 😉


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