Booking through Thursday: Multitasking

Booking Through Thursday is a weekly meme in which we answer a question about books or reading.

This week’s meme is:

Do you multi-task when you read? Do other things like stirring things on the stove, brushing your teeth, watching television, knitting, walking, et cetera?

I’ve always multitasked while reading.

Multitasking for readersI always read while brushing my teeth, just brushing my teeth would seem like a waste of time. When I’m really immersed in a book I even read while flossing. It’s a bit complicated and the book has to be laid down, but I can usually make it work.

If I’m alone I always read while eating. Just eating is too boring. My partner is also a reader, so sometimes we both eat and read.

I don’t read and drive but I always make sure to have a book along in case there’s a traffic jam that’s not moving, or I have to wait for someone or some other unexpected event occur. A few years ago my car overheated in one of our many local tunnels during rush hour. Having a book along while waiting for rescue was really nice. The policemen who came along to find out what was going on looked like they were used to people reading in their car while blocking a lane on the highway, so I’m sure I’m not the only one. I had called for a tow truck, so there wasn’t much else I could do while waiting.

Cooking and reading don’t get combined very often. Mostly I’m busy chopping things and putting things in. Cooking also has a tendency to be combined with other kitchen activities like emptying or filling up the dishwasher. But sometimes all I have to do in the kitchen is stirring something and then I read.

I sometimes read while watching tv, but not too often. Watching tv is more often combined with being online, like right now…. Tiger Woods just missed a put while Graeme McDowell made his….

I also enjoy doing nothing but focusing on my reading. I guess it depends on what I’m reading and what else is going on in the house. If I find something hard to read I need peace and quiet to focus, when it’s a book I find it easy being into the house can fall down around me without me noticing.

I’m still a bit like I was in school. Once I looked up from my book and discovered that the rest of my class was all outside playing. My teacher kindly let me read instead of chasing me outside when recess began.


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  1. What a neat teacher!!

    Here’s my Booking Through Thursday

  2. I can multi-task as long as it doesn’t involve walking anywhere but I much prefer just to read.

  3. I like peace and quiet when I read, but you know I forgot until I read someone elses comment on listening to audio books while doing something crafty. I guess once in awhile I do multi-task when I read.

  4. We are somewhat similar in our reading habits! You’re fortuate your partner is a reader too. My husband isn’t. He is the “gotta get up and do something” type and our sons are like that too. Luckily for me, our daughter enjoys reading too.

  5. Love your blog (and your teacher). Fully agree about the importance of having a book with you at all times – funnily enough I just posted about the London habit of reading at all times while travelling. I suspect it’s a defence mechanism so we don’t have to make eye contact, talk or recognise the fact that we are tightly crammed into a badly overcrowded tube…

  6. Love the picture. I also want to have a book with me all the time, because I never know when there might be a moment to read.

  7. Thanks for the comment on my post today!

    I’m glad I’m not the only one that would feel lost without having more than one book going.

    I also try to always have reading material on-hand for unforeseen circumstances. If I’m meeting friends somewhere, I’ll sometimes actually try to be extra early, just to have some extra time to read (that I won’t afford myself prior to heading out, not knowing what traffic will be like).

    I also figure–as a society, we often keep up with a number of different television programs, with ongoing stories, so in addition to comics, it’s not like it’s unusual to be following numerous stories at once.

    I locked myself out of my car last year, but thankfully had just bought a new book that I was taking inside with me…the person that came to retrieve my keys was apologetic for taking so long. I was borderline annoyed they came so soon and “interrupted” my reading.

  8. Thanks for stopping by mine! I’m like you…I always have a book stashed in my bag/purse in case of emergencies. Traffic jam, elevator stuck, long wait somewhere, whatever. I hate to have a bunch of time on my hands and no book to read.

  9. What a neat teacher! I wish mine had let me read instead of stumbling through outdoor fun, with my head still on the book’s adventures! ^_^

  10. I can’t really multitask while reading, except maybe eating or watching TV. I can eat and be online, though.

  11. I actually prefer to have peace and quiet when I am reading and I don’t tend to multi-task.
    Reading for me is therapeutic relaxation and is something to do, when all the other jobs are finished, either right at the beginning, or right at the end of the day.
    Hence, I tend to read a lot less than many other bloggers, who get through book so quickly and always have new reviews on their blogs.
    I do always have to have a book on the go, with the next book picked out, as an incentive to read whenever possible.
    I can’t imagine a house without books!

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