Book beginnings on Friday: March 11th 2011

Book Beginnings on Friday is a bookish meme sponsored by Katy at A Few More Pages.

Here’s what you do: share the first line (or two) of the book you are currently reading on your blog or in the comments section . Include the title and author so we know what you’re reading. Then, if you are so moved, let us know what your first impressions were based on that first line, and if you liked or did not like that sentence. Link-up each week at Katy’s place.

This week I’m back with a series I’ve been following for a while. The book is Changes (a novel of the Dresden Files) by Jim Butcher.

Changes by Jim ButcherAnd so it begins:

I answered the phone, and Susan Rodriguez said, “They’ve taken our daughter.”
I sat there for a long five count, swallowed, and said, “Um. What?”
“You heard me, Harry,” Susan said gently.
“Oh,” I said. “Um.”
“The line isn’t secure,” she said. “I’ll be in town tonight. We can talk then.”

Ooooh, I’m looking forward to this! It would be an interesting beginning in any other book, but as old Dresden files readers all know; Harry doesn’t have any children, that he knows of anyway…. and Susan is halfway to being a vampire….


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  1. This does not bode well…what a beginning! Suspense and all kinds of events are sure to follow.

    Thanks for sharing…and BTW, your blog is looking really great!


  2. I still have to read the Dresden files, so I had no clue as to how intriguing that beginning really is. Sounds interesting, to say the least.

  3. Another book where a daughter is disappearing or has disappeared! This may be a theme this week….

    Here’s mine (not in the theme):

  4. Like the beginning. And that cover too!

    Here is my post!.

  5. Oh hm, so is she talking in code then? I’m not familiar with these, but it’s intriguing. There are just too many great books out there to read them all, and I haven’t made this series a priority, but I’m always interested in hearing about different books. Aren’t you glad there are so many book bloggers? 🙂

  6. Hi,

    Thanks for stopping by my site to comment, it’s always good to ‘meet’ new people.

    Although this book is not in a genre that I would usually read, the first lines did actually do their job and made me want to know more and seek out the full synopsis.

    It acutally doesn’t sound much more far-fetched than the book I am reading just now, so perhaps I could be converted and would enjoy the urban/paranormal genre after all!

    Thanks for sharing those first lines

  7. I haven’t read any books from The Dresden Files but this beginning is definitely one to keep your attention!

    Thanks for participating in Book Beginnings!

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