Book beginnings on Friday: March 25th 2011

Book Beginnings on Friday is a bookish meme sponsored by Katy at A Few More Pages.

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Don't be such a scientist by Randy OlsonI’m back to non-fiction again this week. Don’t be such a scientist : talking substance in an age of style by Randy Olson.


You think too much! You motherf***ing think too much! You’re nothing but an arrogant, pointy-headed intellectual – I want you out of my classroom and off the premises in five minutes or I’m calling the police and having you arrested for trespassing. And I’m not f***ing joking, you a**hole.”

That’s his acting teacher yelling. And she didn’t throw him out.

Randy Olson was a professor of marine biology before starting a second career as a filmmaker. This book tells about the culture clash that often occur when scientists try to talk science to the general public, and has some advice to offer.

I was alreay wanting to read this book after hearing a very short interview with Randy Olson on the radio, and it certainly has a feisty start. I’m still enjoying it on page 50, but there hasn’t been much swearing after he stopped quoting his acting teacher.


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  1. Hi!
    Well, that certainly grabbed my attention. Interesting beginning. Have a great day!

    Just Books

  2. Now I’m very curious…what a great opener, though. And thanks for visiting my blog.

  3. Definitely interesting. I can see why an acting teacher would complain about his students thinking too much.

  4. Not a very subtle start, is it?! It sounds like it could be both interesting and entertaining

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