Catching up on books

I’ve been reading, but I haven’t been blogging about the books I’ve read. I’m sorry.

So, here’s a list of books read the last month or so with a short version of my personal opinion. There’s 10 of them, I did get a lot of reading done on those trans-atlantic flights.

Changes by Jim ButcherChanges by Jim Butcher

As always, nasty surprises happens to Harry Dresden. The book keeps the expected decent standard of a book in The Dresden Files.

The title is fitting, there are some real changes happening to The Dresden Universe in this book, promising some very different adventures for Harry when he next turns up. The book also has a cliffhanger ending. Sneaky.

A 4 for Harry this time.

Among others by Jo WaltonAmong Others by Jo Walton


This is so GOOD.

And I love the cover too.

Run, buy (or borrow) and read!

I gave it a 6. No other choice.

Don't be such a scientist by Randy OlsonDon’t be such a scientist : talking substance in an age of style by Randy Olson

Funny and interesting non-fiction.

Well worth reading for anyone who’s interested in science and communication. I think that Mr. Olson probably provoced a few scientists with this book, but I’m also sure that he has a point in most things he’s describing.

I gave it a 5.

Shadow man by Melissa ScottShadow Man by Melissa Scott.

Some side-effect of faster-than-light travel has made humankind develop into 5 genders instead of the 2 we’re used too. Most planets have dealt with this by giving the genders names and giving members of the new genders equal rights to anyone else. But one planet became isolated for a long time and made members of the “new” genders take on one of the 2 recognized genders. Even after being back in contact with the rest of humankind they keep this system. Not everyone is happy about this.

Really interesting read. I would like to see this story continued in a sequel as we leave some interesting people at a time when a lot is happening in their lives and on their world. Another 5 from me.

Across the Universe by Beth RevisAcross the Universe by Beth Revis

Sci-fi, dystopia, mystery and some YA romance, this book has it all.

But, sometimes I just don’t get along with a book. I don’t know why this one didn’t click, but it didn’t.

So I gave it a 4.

Moon over Soho by Ben AaronovitchMoon over Soho by Ben Aaronovitch

This is good fun again.

Peter Grant, wizard apprentice/police officer is investigating the death of jazz musicians in London. He’s also got a very, very sexy new girlfriend.

The book is fairly predictable, but the characters are such a joy that I gave it a 5 anyhow.

Home Fires by Gene WolfeHome Fires by Gene Wolfe

Difficult love, people back from the dead, space travel, secret agents, hijacked cruise ship….

I should truly love this book. But I don’t. I’m intrigued, but not really liking it.I think it must be something with me and Gene Wolfe, I had a similar problem with Litany of The Long Sun.

So, a 4 because I can see that it’s fairly good despite our lack of chemistry.

The Summoner by Layton GreenThe Summoner by Layton Green

A man has disappeared in Zimbabwe. He was last seen entering a circle of people at a juju-ceremony.

The man is a friend of the American ambassador to Zimbabwe, and Dominic Grey in Diplomatic Security gets saddled with the task of finding out what happened.

I liked this book a lot. For me the African setting is exotic and the book has some really interesting characters. The book is the first in the series, I might pick up the next one too.

I gave it a 5.

The Breach by Patrick LeeGhost county by Patrick LeeThe Breach and Ghost Country by Patrick Lee

I’m doing these together as they are in a series and have the same main characters.

A failed physics experiment created a breach between our world and another world. A few times every day strange objects come trough the breach, and some of them are a serious threat to our world. A secret organization has been set up to handle the objects, but this organization is facing some big threats. It’s mainly up to Travis Chase to set it right.

Very exiting reads, and a really intriguing concept. I would really have loved them if our hero didn’t consistently kill alle the opponents he gets hold of. I know they would have killed him if they could, but a hero shouldn’t kill enemies that he’s already rendered harmless. It gives me a bad taste in my mouth. McGyver is my kind of hero.

Because of this they get a 4 instead of the 5 the rest of the stories deserve.


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  1. I am so dying to read Among Others.

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