Booking through Thursday – Stormy weather

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What’s your book with weather events? Hurricanes? Tornadoes? Blizzards? Real? Fiction? Doesn’t matter … weather comes up a lot in books, so there’s got to be a favorite somewhere, huh?

Snow falling on cedars by David GutersonEh….

I live in a place with lots of weather, so I’m well accustomed to that. I guess there’s a lot of weather in books I read too, but none comes to mind. Have to check my records.

Hmmmmm. Looking, looking, looking….

Got it!

Yes, there’s a lot of weather in many of the books I’ve read, but  Snow Falling on Cedars by David Guterson has to come out as the winner. The snow is even in the title.


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  1. Great pick! I love snowy weather!!

    Here’s mine

  2. Never heard of this one–it sounds interesting!
    Thanks for stopping by!

    And The Weather Warden’s series is pretty cool, though the series probably should have ended eariler than it did. Some of the books drag on, and you have to force yourself to finish them 🙂

  3. Snow Falling On Cedars is beautiful and tragic and wouldn’t exist without those harsh New England winters for those fishermen! And, thanks for visiting my blog! 😀

  4. Yes, it’s a great book. The setting, however, is in the Puget Sound region of Washingston state. The weather probably isn’t too different from New England though…

  5. cool (no pun intended) pick! Thanks for the visit/comment to my blog! (and the lead on that book I couldn’t recall). 🙂

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