The Wise Man’s Fear – review

The Wise Man's Fear by Patrick RothfussTitle: The Wise Man’s Fear
Author: Patrick Rothfuss
Publisher: Penguin publishing
Edition: Kindle
Pages: 1008
Published: 2011
Genre: Fantasy
The dice landed on: 4½

When I read The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss a few years ago I liked it quite a lot. Not enough to pick up number two in The Kingkiller Chronicle as soon as it came out, but enough to buy it for my Kindle and put it in the tbr-folder. When I started my new job a few weeks ago, Kvothe and company became my regular company on the bus back and forth to work.

In The Wise Man’s Fear Kvothe continues telling his story. The book is set on the second day of the story’s “present” and Kvothe tells more of his life as a young man at the university and of the adventures he has during his year away from his studies. During the breaks in the story, short as they are, we get to know that all is not well in the world. Maybe there will still be another story to add to the legend of Kvothe.

I think this is a really interesting way of telling the story of a “hero”. As a mature man Kvothe has a unique view of himself and his heroics. He also gives us glimpses of the stories that are being told about him, so we sometimes get the contrast between the “real” story and the legends. Still, it is Kvoth telling. He keeps things from us and we have no way of knowing how reliable a historian of his own life he really is.

This is a really good book, mostly because Rothfuss manages to write well enough to keep me interested during even the duller parts of the story. And he manages to keep me interested during part two of a trilogy, a part with a story that could have been told in rather fewer pages. This is the main reason for the 4½ instead of a 5, it is too long. If this had been one of the series with no end in sight, I would probably have given up by now. But, as it is a trilogy, I’m still here.

I’m looking forward to book number 3, The Doors of Stone, then I can find out what’s really going on.

There’s a lot of online reviews of this book. SFFnews has mad a blog post linking to a lot of them.


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