Un Lun Dun – review

Un Lun Dun by China MiévilleTitle: Un Lun Dun
Author: China Miéville
Publisher: Pan Books
Edition: Paperback
Pages: 520 s.
First published: 2007
Genre: Fantasy, YA
The dice landed on: 5

When London got rid of the smog, where did it go?

Strange things are happening to Zanna. Unknown people come over and call her Shwazzy, and a fox greets her. She and her friend Deeba has no idea what’s going on. Then, they find themselves in a weird world, in UnLondon, where they meet a half ghost and Curdle, the milk carton and Brokkenbroll, the master of the broken umbrellas (called unbrellas) and a lot of other characters. Then they learn that UnLondon is at war with the smog, and Zanna has to lead the war against it. But is Zanna up to the task, like the prophecy says she will be?  And what about Deeba, what part will she play? The amusing sidekick?

This is a YA book, and I think kids will love it, but it also has all the ingredients that makes me as an adult love it. There are interesting characters, play on words, treason, despair, cussedness, courage, black windows and a lot of unbrellas.

I loved this book. I’d recommend it to anyone who might even think they would like a fantasy book, even though there’s not a single witch or wizard in sight. Oh, and it passed my Bechdel test with flying colors.

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