Year’s Best SF 15 – Review

Year's Best SF 15Title: Year’s Best SF 15
Editors: David G. Hartwell and Kathryn Cramer

Publisher: HarperCollins
Edition: Kindle
Pages: 512 s.
Originally published: 2010

Genre: Science Fiction
The dice landed on: 5
Did I finish? Yes!
Do I like the cover? Yes. It does promise more space opera than the book delivers, but I love space opera.

One-sentence summary: Good science ficton short stories.

In science fiction short stories are still an important part of what’s being written, and every year there are several anthologies collecting the stories the editors think are the best from that year.

As in any good short story collection I’ve ever read this one has stories I really love and stories I’m more indifferent to. However, it has no stories that I dislike or think is really bad. The editors have done a solid job of selecting a wide array of different sorts of science fiction stories. Alternate pasts, alternate presents and possible futures all play their part in these 24 stories. They all do what is my main reason for loving science fiction as a genre, they speculate on the what might have been or what might be.  The themes are different, but the stories all have that common core of good storytelling and of speculation. A collection well worth reading.


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