Dragon’s Time – Review

Dragon's Time by Anne and Todd McCaffreyTitle: Dragon’s Time
Author:  Anne & Todd McCaffrey

Publisher: Ballantine Books
Edition: Hardback
Pages: 321
Originally published: 2011

Genre: Science fiction
The dice landed on: 3
Did I finish?: Yes
Do I like the cover?: Yes

One-sentence summary: Dragonriders are “timing it” a lot to save Pern.

I read the whole book through. Mostly because it was an exciting story set in the, for me, familiar landscape of Pern. Lots of engaging and sympatetic characters and great dragons.

It all gets too complicated. There are so many characters jumping back in forth in time and space that I have a hard time keeping up. There are also a guy who can predict the future  and keeps giving other characters snippets about what is going to happen later. As I mentioned before, there are too many people to keep track of, and then, when dragon’s are impressed the new male dragonriders change their name. They change it to an abbreviation of their old name, and I know this always happens on Pern, but it kept keeping up with all the names even harder for someone who was already a bit annoyed. And don’t get me started on all the romances going on in all this…

So, to sum it up: The exciting how-are-they-going-to-resolve-this-predicament kept me reading. The too-many-characters-with-their-relationships-jumping-back-and-forth-in-time-and-space kept me annoyed.

If you’re already familiar with Pern, and a bit more patient than me, this is an OK read. If you haven’t read any Pern books I’d recommend starting with the first book Anne McCaffrey published about Pern: “Dragonflight“.

Pern books – in order of publishing.
Pern – books in Pern historical order.


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