Solheim and Solan

A bit of a contrast filled day this.

Solheim CupThe Good:
Europe won The Solheim Cup! Yay!!!
Congratulations to the European girls on the victory and commiserations to the US girls on the loss, in particular Cristie Kerr who didn’t even make it to the first tee on the last day.
It was nerve wracking and I would have seen a lot more of it if something bad hadn’t happened.

The Bad:
Solan decided to take another walk on the balcony railing, futher straining our nerves by jumping back up every time he was put back down on the floor. The last time he got buffeted by the wind, slipped and fell. He landed on the steep grassy hillside below the building, two full stories down, and rolled a bit after landing.  When we got to him he couldn’t put any weight on his left hind leg, but otherwise seemed ok. Off to the vet we drove. After sedation and x-rays the verdict came back: His left femur is fractured just above the knee and there’s some muscle damage in his left leg too. So he’s staying at the vet tonight, having surgery tomorrow and coming home on Tuesday with some metal in his femur. Other than that the vet reports him in excellent condition: he’s awake from the sedation, responding well to pain medication, eating like a small pony and wanting to be cuddled.

Now we have to figure out some way to cat proof the balcony railing without destroying our view and collecting protests from the neighbours for defacing our building. Or we have to put Solan on a leash every time the door is open. He’s going to love that….

He might learn something from this experience you say? Solan? We think not.

Solan - on a day he didn't fall from the balcony railing


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