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Booking Through Thursday is a weekly meme in which we answer a question about books or reading.

Of the books you own, what’s the biggest category/genre?

I guess it’s a toss up between crime, fantasy and science fiction. Of course, my book collection is a mirror of many years of book buying. On my Kindle the science fiction and the fantasy beat the crime novels.

In the non fiction parts of the shelves there’s books about history, science, literature and religion (to be expected from someone ending up as an atheist). Not to mention the large and ever increasing number of food books. I think we bought three new ones yesterday, a bad habit we both share.

Is this also the category that you actually read the most?

Yes, apart from crime novels. I don’t read as many of those as I used to a few years ago.


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  1. Wow! You have a pretty good mix. My book collection is primarily sci fic/fantasy.

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