Pastworld – Review

Title: Pastworld
Author: Ian Beck

Publisher: Bloomsbury
Edition: Paperback
Pages: 355
First published: 2009

Genre: Science fiction
The dice landed on: 5
Did I finish?: Yes.
Do I like the cover?: Yes.

Short summary: In 2048 London has been transformed into a recreation of itself in the Victorian era. But it’s not all fun and games, a murderer is loose in the theme park. For Eve it’s all real, she doesn’t even know she’s living in a theme park, but she knows that her guardian is afraid for her. When Eve runs away from home a whole chain of dramatic events are set in motion.

I like the setting, a victorian London almost restored to it’s authentic past. The victorian London is so authentic that visitors (gawkers) aren’t allowed to bring anything modern with them and victorian law also apply. While most people living in Pastworld know what it is Eve doesn’t. I also like Eve, the two other young protagonists and the Jack the Ripper idea.

This story is very unpredictable. With many books I can guess what’s going to happen fairly soon, but this one kept me guessing all the way.

My only big complaint is that it’s too short. I wish the story was fleshed out more. I needed more time to get to know both the characters and victorian London.

So far it’s a standalone novel, but the author doesn’t rule out a sequel. I’d like a sequel.


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