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Do I have a sense of awe? I sure do!

Hubble has been upgradet and delivers a steady stream of new and amazing pictures. This picture shows two galaxies colliding and if you look closer you can see lots of other galaxies. Isn’t it marvellous? Each of those galaxies contains millions of stars, many of those stars probably has planets orbiting them and some of those planets may have life.  And this is only a small area of the sky over our heads!

Click the picture and click again to look even closer at the details.


Bergen-Nice-Bergen, and a bit of aggression on a Friday night

It’ already been many days since we came back from our oval weekend in Nice. We hadn’t planned the big outings but had planned walking around town, visit a museum or two (we managed one – Chagall), read some good book at a place with an ocean view and eat some good French food. And that’s what we did. Some unedited pictures from the trip are already on my Flickr-account. We understand why the area is called Côte d’Azur. It was really nice, we’ll go back there some other time.

My main book for the trip was “Big Bang : the most important scientific discovery of all times and why you need to know about it” av Simon Singh. This is a great book about the history of the universe and the history about how we came to learn about it all. I also read the last 6 issues of  National Geographic, part 2 of Fullmetal Alchemist and started reading “Red Seas under Red Skies” by Scott Lynch.

Back home again it’s been a busy week with work, golf, feeding friends hamster and a mix of irritation and enthusiasm over things different people have said in different places. And I’m not irritated and annoyed by the same people. For example, every time Nina Karin Monsen opens her mouth or writes anything I get more and more convinced that she’s related to a fruit cake. (Note to foreigners of all kinds: NKM is a conservative christian disguised behind her philosopher alias who seem to think that everything lesbians and gays do is wrong, specifically anything to do with kids. We apparently make them handicapped just by having them…)

And what is this thing about us not having a proper public debate in Norway? To me it seems that this is a myth that every slightly controversial debater likes to quote. “Oh, there are no serious public debates in Norway”, “Oh, Norway is such and such, and Norwegians are such and such”, “oh, everyboda are so politically correct and agrees about everything”, whine, whine, whine…. FEHOVE!!! (Idiots doesn’t quite cover this, but is kind of close),

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