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The C-Word

The C-Word by Lisa LynchWhen you’re 28 you don’t expect to find a lump in your breast, but that is precisely what happens to Lisa Lynch in the early summer of 2008. The lump turned out to be grade 3 breast cancer.

During the next year she went through all the treatment for “The Bullshit” and told people about it on her blog Alright Tit, a blog that became hugely popular.

The C-Word is written after the treatment was over and is in many ways an elaboration of and comment to the blog. Every chapter starts out with an excerpt from the blog, the earliest from June 2008 and the last from July 2009. The rest of the chapter is about the same events, but written after the treatment was over. The differences in the here-and-now-writing and the in-hindsight writing makes it extra interesting.

You wouldn’t think it, but this is a very funny book. She certainly doesn’t sugarcoat any of the aspects of having cancer. Going through a mastectomy, chemotherapy and  radiotherapy, losing you hair and buying wigs, feeling awful because of the treatment, having to face never having children, getting a breast reconstruction and a new nipple, living on an emotional rollercoaster… it’s all there. So are the good things like being given as good a treatment as modern medicine can offer and having the love and support of a great group of family and friends.

The C-Word is not a “helpful” book with lots of advice on the do’s and don’ts for cancer patients, but then it never pretends to be. What it is is a very readable, honest and funny account of what it’s like getting cancer before you’re thirty, when you’d rather be out having fun with your friends and not have too many cares in the world.

Alright Tit is still being updated. So you can keep up with what has been happening to Lisa after the book ends in July 2009.

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