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Why I love the game of Golf « Amateur Golfer

Why I love the game of Golf « Amateur Golfer.

I agree, except for the people in my ideal 4-ball. I’d have Annika Sørenstam, Christina Kim and Laura Davies.


Weekly photo challenge: Spring

I found this challenge hard. Mostly because spring hasn’t got that far here yet, and every time I decided to go out to look for plants coming out of the ground it was raining.

Then, last night, my sister and I drove up to our golf club to plan the season with the other ladies on the ladies group committee. That’s usually when I really get the spring feeling, and that happened this year too.

The course isn’t green yet, but our green keeper had planted some samples with different grass from some of the greens and one of the tees. Apparently they have different kinds of grass, I really don’t know. So far the samples look a bit straggly, I hope the grass outside looks better when it starts growing.

Anyway, in a month we start the season. Spring is coming.

Grass samples in pots at Bjørnefjorden Golf Club

Ducks at Sotra GK

Ducks living dangerously at Sotra golf club

These ducks enjoy their life in the green surroundings of Sotra golf club.

Kristin’s comment when she first saw them was that it was good that the ducks were plastic as they looked like they would lead a very dangerous life otherwise. They promptly moved to prove that they are not plastic but in fact do lead a dangerous life.

Kristin then proved excactly how dangerous their life is by grazing one of them with her tee shot.

Don’t worry, the duck is fine. One ruffled feather was the whole damage.

Withdrawal symptoms

There are two reasons for my withdrawal symptoms tonight.

I’ve just finished listening to Stephen Fry reading all seven Harry Potter books. It takes a lot of hours to read them all aloud, so I’ve been listening to them in the car since early fall of 2009. But, now it’s over and I had to listen to the radio instead. Too much football (soccer), ads and devotionals for my taste. I have to get a new audio book soon. I’ve always planned to read “The Naked Madonna” by Jan Wiese, so I guess I’ll go for that one. It’s originally written in Norwegian, so I’ll go for the Norwegian version; “Kvinnen som kledte seg naken for sin elskede”

It’s also Wednesday night, and I should be at the golf course. But I’m not. Aaarrrgggh!

Looking at the pictures from last week is a little comfort. We celebrated midsummer, but not by burning bonfires.

Midsummer golf - golf witches don't ride on brooms

The rest of the midsummer golf pictures can be found on Flickr!

C/D-tour at Voss

Today I took on the persona of a golf rules official and went to Voss Golf Club. C/D-tour are for juniors with handicaps 18-36 and 36,1-54, and with such high handicaps the players are all capable of very variable play. Some of the players had a really good day and the winners of the c-classes will both have a lower handicap after today.

The weather was good too, and then life’s good at Voss Golf Club.

C/D-Tour 2010 - Voss Golfklubb

View towards the club house and green number 9.

C/D-Tour 2010 - Voss Golfklubb

Patches of fog are drifting through the valley, but we had no rain.

C/D-Tour 2010 - Voss Golfklubb

Playing the waiting game by tee number 5.

Rules of golf and disservices

As a golf rules official I’m used to people asking me questions about the rules of golf while we are out playing. Most of the time that’s a good thing.

Unfortunately I meet many people  who don’t know the rules as well as they ought to. I understand that it can be hard to find the “nearest point of relief” in a relief situation, but everyone should know if they are in a relief situation with or without a penalty shot. They also ought to know how to take relief from a water hazard or a lateral water hazard and how to proceed when they declare their ball unplayable.

More than once I’ve heard the sentence “I should know this, but I mostly play with friends/family and we are a bit nice to each other“.

Being nice to each other in this fashion is doing one another a disservice. When you know the rules properly you know what to do in the different situations; you can find the best solution and avoid pentalty shots for doing the wrong thing A group also plays just as fast when everyone in it knows and follow the rules as it does when being nice. I also find it a lot more satisfying to lower my handicap when I know I’ve followed all the rules. The rules book is of course always in my bag so I can check things when in doubt.

My partner is still fairly new at the game of golf and I’m nice to her and anyone else playing golf with me. Not by disregarding the rules but  by teaching her the rules and etiquette of golf. The result is that she now is a golfer who most golfers would enjoy playing with.

Ladies night at Bjørnefjorden Golfklubb

Ladies night at Bjørnefjorden Golfklubb

Happygolf with bipolar tendencies

Yesterday we took Magnar and Gørild with us to Sotra golfklubb. They were going to play their first ever 18 hole round on a proper golf course, and we were going to play our first 18 hole round for the season. As M&G has golf cards that are so new that the plastic is still warm they were going to play happygolf. (have-fun-and-forget-about-all-the-pesky-rules-about-dropping-and-nearest-point-of-relief-golf…), while Kristin and I were supposed to follow the rules.

This meant that the 18 holes on Sotra contained all sorts of golf:

  • Happygolf – as described above
  • Depressed golf – several bad shots after each other
  • Bipolar golf – good and bad shots mixed together (you never know what’ll happen next)
  • Sense of direction challenged golf – to the right or left
  • Good golf – it happens
  • Commuter golf – from one side to the other across the putting green
  • Frustrated golf – balls rolling on the edge of the hole are typical examples

Despite all the different forms of golf we had a good time. M&G played happygolf but also managed to score some points at holes played by the rules. Kristin did a lot better than at the same time last year (she just has to get rid of the worst commuter golf tendencies), and I feel that this season is starting off better than last season.

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