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Being gay in Africa

There are several places in this world that I never want to visit. Some because they’re too cold, some because they’re too dangerous for my taste, many because of the way women are treated there and many because of the hostile way gays are treated. Several of these places fall in more than one of the groups, giving me an even better reason to stay away.

These days several countries in Africa seem determined to make it even less tempting for me to spend my money there.

I really can’t understand this fierce hatred against me and anyone else who happens to love a person of their own gender. It’s scary. Facing such hatred, even if it is on video and I’m lucky enough to be in a country where I’m mostly safe from these people, makes me feel a bit green around the gills.

I will encourage everyone to make sure that the organizations they support works for openess, secular education, human rights and laws that protects and ensures equal rights for women and gays all over the world.


Sad and a little merry

Most days I can read about all the bad news of the world without it making too much of an impression. If I get upset over everything bad I hear about I’d always be walking around with tears in my eyes, but as I’ve mentioned I’m usually able to maintain my fairly good mood.

But not always….
– Today I read about the Taliban war against education in Afghanistan and Pakistan, and education for girls in particular. Several hundred schools for girls and some schools for boys have been bombed the last few years. Everyone get scared of course, the students, the teachers and the parents, and the result is that the girls aren’t allowed to go to school or have no school to go to. There have also been attacs on women at the university in Islamabad and on women in general. In my opinion secular education for both women and men are one of the cornerstones when it comes to building a society which is good to live in for all, so I think this is really tragical. Not much I can do except supporting organisations that are trying to bring education to everyone all over the world.

– The voters in Maine just said no to same sex marriage. Again the majority wants heterosexual marriage to have all the benefits. It’s nok like gays and lesbians in Maine wants special right for their relationships, they just want equal rights. Again, not much I can personaly do except writing blog posts and and show in my personal life that lesbians aren’t much stranger than straight people, and Norway can keep on being an example of a country functioning just fine with a sex-neutral marriage law.

– There has been a new massacre where a person (almost always a man…?) have shot and killed or hurt a lot of other people. What’s the point? I just don’t get it!

– Has there been any suicide bombings today? I don’t know, there are so many of them that they all get muddled.

At least some good things happens too and get reported.
– Someone (The Humane Society) is taking care of an otherwise healthy puppy born without front legs, and they are trying to make some kind of gadget to help her walk.
– A lady in South Korea just passed the theoretical part of her driving exam, on the 950th try! Now she just has to pass the driving part of the exam. I hope the lady is better at the practical part than the theory, otherwise the traffic of South Korea can get really dangerous for some time. (If she drives as lethally as Else in Pondus it’s definitely not safe to be anywhere near her.)

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