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I’m joining the censorship protest

Stop SOPA/PIPA! Read more about it on

Join Our Censorship Protest! — Blog —


Information overload!

At this moment I have 250 (was 249 a minute ago) feeds running in my Bloglines account. I must be a complete moron, imagining that I can keep up with this amount of information. My ambition is to unfollow some of theese feeds, but I keep adding more than I unfollow as I keep discovering new interesting blogs and newsfeeds. And I really like keeping tabs on what’s going on in the areas I’m interested in.

I’d better stop writing; there’s more than 200 headlines to scan and more than one whole article or blog post that’ll have to read properly.

The Internett – not tiny!

The Internet is big, maybe not compared to outer space, but at least compared to most other things I have to deal with on a daily basis. Here’s a good illustration of the current situation online:

A Day in the Internet
Created by Online Education

Thanks to jill/txt.

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