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December 29th – Plum liqueur

On a nice day at the end of summer Kristin found a glass jar and filled it with victoria plums, sugar and vodka. Today we took it out of the dark closet and saw that it had a beautiful color. Now it’s been strained and tonight we’ll taste it.

Plum liqueur and tulips

Plum liqueur being strained.


Plum liqueur - ready to drink


Plum liqueur

Making plum liqueur.

Last time Kristin and her sister Hanne made plum liqueur it turned out really, really good. Kristin is trying to copy the feat and is presently busy mixing plums, sugar and the vodka Mum brought from Russia.

Sometime next summer we’ll know if it is a success. By then we’ll also know if the redcurrant rum is any good.

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