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Destructive forces

Calamities of Nature, irreverent webcomics by Tony Piro
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The Good Book – Tim Minchin

I haven’t started a new book this week, so I have no book beginning this Friday. Still, I had to have a book(ishly) themed post. So, here goes. Tim Minchin with The Good Book.

Atheistic giggles in the morning

Jesus and Mo are frequently hilarious 🙂

Tim Minchin on Religion

I adore Tim Minchin 🙂

6 (Unlikely) Developments That Could Convince This Atheist To Believe in God

It’s going to take a lot to make me into a believer. Greta Christina has written this article over at AlterNet about 6 unlikely developments that could do it for her, and I thoroughly agree. The bit about having her permission to smack her over the head with the article in case of belif for any other reasons goes for me too.

Hokus pokus

This weekend there will be an “alternative” fair in Bergen. The exhibitions and stands will be for all kinds of hokus pokus like astrologhy, auras, all kinds of alternative treatments and so on. They even have a small poll about reincarnation on their website.

I think that everyone attending this should take a look at this:

Now I know where to forward my mail when I die

Russell’s teapot is funny, go and check out more comics.

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