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Destructive forces

Calamities of Nature, irreverent webcomics by Tony Piro
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I’m a fan of the television show Mythbusters, and I think there’s a few other fans out there as well.

Symphony of science – The poetry of reality

Symphony of Science is a musical project designed to deliver scientific knowledge and philosophy in musical form. The last days I’ve seen this video popping up in different places on the web, and you can find some other great videos on the Symphony of Science webpage.

Childrens’ rights

Lately there’s been a lot of debate in Norway about lesbians/gays and children. Should lesbians have the right to get sperm from public hospitals like straight couples do when the man is infertile, do we (gays/lesbians) give our children a social handicap just by having them…..

In my opinon THESE are the parents that give their children a handicap:

– Antivaxxers: In the USA and other countries antivaxxers has gotten a lot of attention and a lot of people believe their spiel about vaccinations being harmful for you children… more harmful than getting the diseases they should get vaccinated against. Among other things they completely ignore the fact that no evidence support the allegations that vaccines can cause autism. Most children gets through the childhood diseases without trouble, some are hurt for life and a few die. Dana McCaffrey was 4 months old. She was too young to be vaccinated herself, but got sick because too few other children in the area were vaccinated. Parents who think they do their best for their children without checking scientific facts can do great harm to both their own children and other peoples children.

– Religious nuts: Some religious groups are agains scientific medical treatment. 13 year old David Hauser has Hodgkins disease. With proper treatment doctors estimate that he has a 95% chance of surviving, without proper treatment his chances dwindle to 5%. His parents belongs to a group that believe in spiritual and herbal healing, so now there is a court case between the parents and Brown county in Minnesota. Let us hope that the county wins and gives the boy a proper chance of survival. (Another case is 11 year old Kara who died of untreated diabetes)

We have these anti-scientific-medicine-people in Norway too. We’ve just had a court case involving German quack Ryke Geerd Hamer. He thinks (briefly put) that all diseases stems from psychologial traumas and that conventional medicine is a Jewish plan for mass murder controlled by (among others) the pope (I personally think the pope is a fool when it comes to things like condoms and HIV/AIDS… but come on…). Hamer sued the state because it wouldn’t grant him a license to practice as a doctor. Luckily he lost clearly, but his “medicine” is being practiced in Norway and around Europe, and it’s dangerous.

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